Jack Heath Gallery, UKZN | Pietermaritzburg | November 2016


Innerspace is the exhibition of the practical component of my practice-based MAFA-R. Using scientific illustration and photography as points of reference, I have translated the forms of wombs, moth cocoons, and cells into a visual vocabulary that symbolises the processes of metamorphosis, catharsis and healing that follow experiences of trauma and abuse.



The Bride (right) and The Bride’s Protector (left)


The Bride



The Bride’s Protector



As my research evolved my practice came to focus on issues of craft, gender, and the domestic realm, which resulted in it being located in a framework of feminist art, art/craft debates and materiality theory. Embroidery, textiles and porcelain are the key media I have used as they contribute layers of meaning to the concepts dealt with in this body of work.








For me, the repetitive and cathartic processes of embroidery reflect the psychological process of dealing with trauma and moving through stages of healing. Porcelain, which begins as a fragile, vulnerable material, undergoes several metamorphic firings to return glassy, translucent and strengthened.



Concept – Material – Process



Concept – Material – Process



Concept – Material – Process (left) and Consume (right)






These media are often associated with ‘craft’ and allude to connections with gender and domesticity. In Innerspace these key media are specifically related to issues of female experiences of trauma, abuse and processes of healing. Furthermore, binary oppositions like art/craft, male/female, exterior/interior and public/domestic are explored. With this in mind I have chosen to exhibit my work by curating a setting that references the domestic home.



Tear and Repair (left) and Rebirth (right)



Tear and Repair



Tear and Repair






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